Monday, May 30, 2011

However bad this film may be, it can only be good. Hope it gets released in the UK or Greece, or I'll have to download it, rent a projector, find a bunch of 3D glasses, invite people over and have a fun and akward time.

some recent drawings of mine/studio photos.

splashy series:

planning and wood cutting:

I was making a wrong map of Greece

a wheel in Progress:

and some sketchbook:

 ti tha borousan na elegan enas adras kai mia ginaika pou evlepa alla den akouga sto cafe:

© Sofia Stavropoulou 2012


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Calm down and listen

Two short documentary videos made by Bi-optic , (the team who's done Sugartown)
I'm particularly keen on these two videos, and I hope there's more coming.
Short but strong bits of greek reality, they are made in a quiet, calm way that is much to my taste

Monday, May 9, 2011

STUDIO 41 - MAY 2011

Some backup photos of my work in the exhibition that me and Wang Xiao did at the very end of April, in Studio 41 gallery. here we go

Setting up:


This is my favourite so you get the same picture twice:

(here's Andy black in front of it, will do as a scale measure.)




Xiao going sonic

Alex Millar and the Moody Fuckers

hot hot Fran hot

Xiao saluting the crowds

Andy Black <3

Jo, Petter, and sunglasses man


The End

© Sofia Stavropoulou 2012